“The highest ideal of cure is the speedy, gentle and enduring restoration of health by the most trustworthy and least harmful way.”Β SAMUEL HAHNEMANN, FOUNDER OF HOMEOPATHY


At Optimal Health & Wellness we have wholistic approach to health. We address the mental, emotional, physical and spritual needs of our clients and use a range of therapies that include Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Essences and Nutrition.

Our aim is to provide a service that empowers people to achieve “optimal health & wellness” in all areas of their life.

We have overΒ 40 years combined clinical experience and are continually researching and updating to improve our knowledge and skills. We believe that no matter what the problem, there is always a solution.

At Optimal Health & Wellness we can help you with:

  • deep seated emotional trauma
  • increasing your energy levels
  • elimination of phobias
  • emotional stability
  • correcting postural and structural
  • healing illness and sickness
  • relationship issues
  • problems identifying and correcting allergies
  • panic attacks and anxiety
  • conflict resolution
  • achieving your goals
  • stopping smoking
  • menstrual and sexual problems
  • identifying dietary deficiencies
  • correcting ADD and learning problems
  • pregnancy and child birth
  • alleviating and eliminating digestive problems
  • childhood illnesses
  • reduction & elimination of pain eg. back, neck, legs
  • locating and correcting the hidden cause of dis-ease
  • repairing muscle & ligament damage after an accident




Anna Morningstar

As most of you know, apart from working with nutrition and homeopathy, I am also a Kinesiologist. I've been surrogate muscle testing on my families', clients and friends' animals for years, helping their animals resolve health and emotional issues with good success. Well ....... I've decided that I will work one day a week consulting for animals. I love that part of my work and now I'll be helping more animals, mainly cats and dogs. #organic #greenbloggers #healthychoice #pets #pets #dogsncatslovers #healthy #healthylifestyle
Sunrise, take in the calmness.
Tapping the area over your thymus gland is a simple technique that will stimulate all of your energies, boost your immune system and increase your strength and vitality.  This technique will help you if you are bombarded with negative energies, catching a cold, fighting an infection, or if your immune system is otherwise challenged. Your thymus gland is located in the centre of your chest. Put your fingers into the centre of your sternum and as you breathe in deeply, firmly tap your thymus point with the four fingers of your hand for about 20 seconds.  Many people automatically tap their thymus point when under stress. Have you ever noticed how people tend to hold the middle of their chest when an emotional shock comes their way, or when they feel faint they pat this point? So picture Tarzan and thump your own thymus before moving into a challenging situation. (Energy medicine Donna Eden). #homeopathicmedicine #stressrelease #imagination #organicfood #organicgardening #organicliving #healthy choices #organicgardening #bbbloggers #greenbloggers #greenbeauty #paleo #fermented #
A healthy tomato plant can have over a hundred tomatoes on it and it begins with one tiny dry seed. The seed does not look like a tomato plant or taste like it but if you plant this seed in fertile soil and water it, a tiny shoot comes up and you can watch it grow with delight and in time if you continue to water it, give it lots of sunshine and pull away any weeds, you might have a tomato plant with more than a hundred tomatoes.  It all began with one seed.  It's the same with creating a new positive way to live your life. The soil you plant this seed in, is your subconscious mind. The seed is the best option you choose for your new positive way to live your life. You water it with imagination and love. You let the sunshine of positive thoughts beam on it. You weed the garden by diffusing the negative thoughts that come up via Kinesiology sessions. And...... When you see first see the tiniest evidence, you look at this first breakthrough and say with joy, 'it's working'. You continue to water and nurture your seed until it becomes a reality for you. When that seed has grown and matured, you can then plant another seed and watch it grow. #energymedicine #healthy #healthymums #healthykids #permaculture #organicgardening #organicfood #kinesiology #homeopathicmedicine #organicfood #imagination #stressrelease #
The British Journal of Nutrition has recently gone public with a study that found the probiotic lactobacillus planitorium 299v could increase iron absorbs ion by around 50%. This unique strain is already renowned for relieving the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, however these new findings suggest it could be an option for people wanting to get more iron out of their diet, negating the need for high doses of iron.  This study confirms to me that eating fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut to support digestion is the way to also balance the iron levels in your body.  #fermenting #bbbloggers #organicgardening #organic #organicfood #organicliving #anaemia #healthykids #healthymums #healthy #energymedicine #
My dog Max loves me sooo much and I love him too πŸ’š A dog brings love and expands love in the heart of the owner. Love prolongs life. In fact research has shown that having a dog prolongs the owners life by ten years.  Love increases endorphins which are life enhancing hormones. You live ten years longer with a dog in your life because a pet dog catalyses the energy of love and that energy of love heals and prolongs life. πŸΆπŸ• . #dogs #love #lovelife #livelonger #endorphins #instadaily #instagood #longlife #happylife #wellness #wellbeing #happiness #healthylife #lifestyle #doglove #puppylove #ilovemydog #livehealthy #loveyourself
Happy Saturday everyone πŸ˜€ live only for today, not for yesterday nor tomorrow πŸŽ†
I just posted my first blog on Kinesiology πŸ˜€ This technique relies on the way your muscles are connected to your brain, as a stress is reflected in your nervous system and in your muscles.  When muscle testing is done with specific references and challenges, your brain will reveal what stresses you. The stress will be reflected in your nervous system and can be verified by the Kinesiologist by monitoring the response in your muscles.  If you want the full story, head over to my blog to read it. The link is in the bio πŸ˜€ #energyhealing #nutrition #paleo # organicfood #healthylifestyle #greenbeauty #greenbloggers #permaculture #fermented #
If you get allergy headaches often, or even a mild stress headache, here is a quick self help exercise. Close your mouth and close off one nostril with a finger. Take five breaths in and out the open nostril. Repeat through the other nostril. πŸ™‚
My breakfast today πŸ’š fermented red cabbage with ginger and homegrown fermented cucumbers (yum) and of course organic eggs. An egg is a complete protein source that is high in amino acids especially methionine which is missing in grains. Also an excellent source of carotene, vitamin A, B1 and niacin.  Eggs also are one of the few viable sources of vitamin D. They contain 'heme' iron which is a most absorbable form of iron, calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals. So eating this sort of breakfast is a great start to the day πŸ˜€
I've just made another batch of sauerkraut, it's so easy to make this fantastic probiotic food. For his second round the world voyage, Captain Cook loaded 60 barrels of sauerkraut onto his ship. After 27 months at sea, 15 days before returning to England, he opened the last barrel and offered some sauerkraut to some Portuguese noblemen who had come on board ....... They carried off the rest of the barrel to give to some of their friends. This last barrel lasted 27 months. It also preserved sufficient vitamin C to protect the entire crew from scurvy. Not one case occurred during the voyage even though the disease usually decimated crews on voyages of this length.
Happy Australia Day, and let's remember and acknowledge our First Nation People of this great land of ours. I am thankful for this abundant crop picked from my vegetable garden today πŸ‹πŸŒΆπŸ…πŸ˜€
You are what your microbes eat πŸ˜‰ 'if you don't feed a child they will get cranky' says microbiologist Emma Allen-Vercoe. The same principle applies to our gut microbiota. 'If you don't feed your microbes, they change their behaviour and affect your immune system, they too need a food supply. Here are some suggestions to support your gut friendly bacteria - eat more fruit and vegetables and be sure to eat the skin because that's where most of the food for the microbes is. Eat more whole foods and organic where possible. Avoid being 'too clean' you don't need to carry a bottle of hand sanitiser in your bag. Take antibiotics sparingly. It should be therapy reserved for when you need it most. The benefits outweigh the risks. Of course fermented vegetables are a must. You might have bloating, cramps or a persistent brain fog. Or maybe you get every cold that comes around, have chronic sinus infections. Power hungry microbes are likely to blame.
If you want to release neck and shoulder tension then take a hairbrush that has strong bristles and tap your shoulders in a steady rhythm until you feel more relaxed. The bristles on the hairbrush are like prongs that can break up congested energy.  Standing with your arms stiffened and hanging down the sides of your body, make fists and lift your shoulders high, rolling your head back and to the sides. Repeat this half circle motion for 15 - 20 seconds and a couple of times a day. You are giving your neck and shoulders a natural massage that softens the knots, breaks up calcium deposits and frees energy to move through the area πŸ˜ƒ
What a beautiful morning πŸ˜„ if anyone is caught in fear, anxiety or a phobia today (or any day) a tapping point on the back side of your hand halfway between your wrist and fingers, aligned with the point where your fourth and fifth fingers converge can alleviate the fear. This point is on the triple warmer meridian which governs the flight or fight response. Tap this point for about a minute while thinking of the fear. If you still have it, tap the other hand. Repeatedly using this technique begins to alter the underlying energetic pattern.
Beautiful rose in my garden on this lovely morning πŸ’πŸŒΉπŸŒΏ
|| LETTING GO || David Hawkins in his book "Letting Go - The Pathway of Surrender" says: "That we carry around a huge reservoir of accumulated negative feelings, attitudes, and beliefs.  The basis of many of our illnesses and problems we are resigned to it and explain it away as the (human condition). We seek to escape from it from myriad ways.  The average human life is spent trying to avoid and run from the inner turmoil of fear and the threat of misery.  Everyone's self esteem is constantly threatened from within and without.  If we take a close look at human life we see that it is essentially one long elaborate struggle to escape our inner fears and expectations that have been projected upon the world.  Interspersed are periods of celebrations where we have momentarily escaped the inner fees but the fears are still there waiting for us.  We have become afraid from our inner feelings because they hold such a massive amount of negativity that we feel that we would be overwhelmed by it if we were to take a deeper look." He has a simple exercise of letting go which involves being aware of a feeling, letting it come up, staying with it, and letting it run its course without wanting to make it different or do anything about it.  It means simply to let the feeling be there and to focus on letting out the energy behind it.  The first step is to allow yourself to have the feeling without resisting it, venting it, fearing it, condemning it, or moralising about it.  It means to drop judgement and to see that it is just a feeling.  The technique is to be with the feeling and to surrender all efforts to modify it in any way.  LET GO of wanting to resist the feeling, IT IS RESISTANCE THAT KEEPS THE FEELING GOING.  When you give up resisting or trying to modify the feeling it will shift to the next feeling and be accompanied by a lighter sensation.  A feeling that is not resisted will disappear as the energy behind it dissipates.  How about trying this process next time a strong feeling or emotion such as fear or anxiety or anger comes up for you?  Contact me if you would like a kinesiology and homeopathy (plus) session either through Skype or in person in Maleny
I just made up this delicious vegetable juice, all organic and apart from the carrots, all from my vegetable garden πŸ…πŸπŸπŸŒ»#healthyeating #healthymums #healthykids #veganfood #vegetables #organic #organica #organica #organicfood #juicing #juicingforhealth #naturalfood #naturalmedicine #
This is a photo of the Drumstick Stick tree or Morango Tree that's growing on my property. These trees grow extensively in tropical, subtropical areas. The reason I am posting this is to let you know the many health benefits from eating the leaves and flowers of this tree.  They are very high in vitamin A (8855 IU per 100 grams), B vitamins, C, D, H, K, choline, folic acid, inositol, PABA and many minerals.  The leaves are 38% protein with the 8 essential amino acids, which will be of interest to vegetarians or people who want to cut back on meat and dairy products. My Asian friends use the leaves in soups along with other vegetables 🌿 In Africa the leaves are dried and crushed. Two tablespoons of this high protein powder can help to overcome malnutrition.πŸ˜€ it has been estimated that one large handful of the leaves contains the daily requirement of vitamin A for up to 10 people. Leaves can be eaten fresh, steamed, picked, added to stir fries, curries and soups. I am cooking a curry today and definitely adding some leaves in.#nutrition #nutritionadvice #nutrionalmedicine #fermenting #fermented #fermentation #organica #organicfood #organic #paleolifestyle ##paleolifestyle #vegetarian #vegetables #veganfood #healthykids #healthymums #healthyeating #
I made up these homeopathic tick drops after I moved to Maleny on the Sunshine Coast and had a nasty reaction to a tick bite. This area is infested with ticks and many locals have had nasty reactions to the tick bites where they experienced anaphylactic shock, had to be hospitalised and now carry an epi pen just in case they get bitten again. The locals have also lost many, many dogs to these ticks. Even when the animal is taken straight away to the vet , many do not survive. I have had really good feedback regarding these tick drops from people who took the drops for a few doses after the bite and some have used the drops on their dogs with very good results. Just a few weeks ago a friends 16 year old dog was bitten and was quite sick, she was given these tick drops along with some other homeopathic remedies I suggested and she pulled through😊 anyone in a tick infested area should have these dos on hand, just in case.