We offer Kinesiology workshops for personal development and professional training up to practitioner level (refer to list below). We also teach Homeopathic First Aid workshops and Reiki to Master Level.

If you are interested in organising workshops in your area, including interstate and overseas, contact us as generous incentives apply.

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[Duration: 3 days]

This is a workshop that sets the first frame for clear and precise information on how and why our neurology responds the way it does. ‘The Beginning of Understanding Kinesiology’ (BUK) is the first workshop taught in the Educating Alternatives Certificate of Solution Oriented Kinesiology. Even the most experienced Kinesiologist will learn something new….

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Here is a comprehensive understanding of the basics in muscle monitoring and Kinesiology.

  • What Kinesiology is, and what it is not!
  • How to monitor a muscle response accurately
  • How to find hidden problems
  • Contexts versus Content
  • The Difference between Indicator Muscle and Specific Muscle Response
  • What is a cybernetic loop
  • Adaption, the nature of our defence patterns
  • How we become caught in ‘defence’
  • Suppression. What it is, what to do about it
  • Working Factors
  • Solution Oriented Options

[Duration: 1 days]

This ‘One Day BUK’ is offered to those Professional Kinesiologists who wish to add to their skills the unique additions and insights found in BUK, which they would not have already experienced in other training…

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Course Content

  • Establishing a sound genetic baseline
  • Adaption and Cybernetic Loops
  • Indicator Muscles versus Specific Muscle Response
  • Specific Dehydration
  • Two Phases of Testing
  • Circuits
  • Contexts
  • The Universal Healing Model
  • Working Factors (circuit, correct, info)
  • How to incorporate everything you know in one eloquent procedure
  • The Motivational Barometer
  • Suppression, what it is, how to find it and what to do about it
  • The Solution Oriented Kinesiology (SOK) procedure

This Certificate, SOK, includes the The Beginning of Understanding Kinesiology, Healing Principles, Blueprint One, Innate Intelligence and Integration and an assessment that covers the five workshops.

Students may complete these programs without doing the assessments, or, these assessments can be used for Practitioner Registration. An AKA accredited Home Study program is also available. The Certificate of Solution Oriented Kinesiology plus the home study component is more than enough to satisfy the Australian Kinesiology Association’s Level One Practitioner criteria.


[Duration: 2 days]

If you have used muscle monitoring to find emotions, you have been exposed to a subconscious representation of our emotional behaviours. These behaviours are represented in the brain as patterns that we access whenever we react to stimuli. If we do not find the correct emotional context, the same emotion keeps returning time after time….

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You will further explore the Motivational and Universal Barometers and suppressed expression. With further insights into the uses of these barometers, you can expand your ability to identify and correct specific emotional and psychological behaviour patterns quickly and effectively.

Some of the areas covered are:

  • Emotional Capacity
  • Toxic emotions
  • Hypnotic triggers
  • Emotional Phrases
  • Psychological strategies
  • Reactive emotions
  • Synonymous emotions
  • Choosing and No Choice emotional states
  • Four Contexts of an Emotion
  • The Cyclic patterns of the Universal Barometer

[Duration: 4 days]

This workshop is aimed at clearing away the restrictive inherited patterns that influence our personal and professional behaviours. You will use Cheirology (hand analysis) as a reference..

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  • Nine Brain Functions
  • Learned Helplessness
  • Time Line
  • Fear Spiral

The workshop also clears specific emotional and mental stress held at a subconscious level. You will defuse the ‘Fear Spiral’, using unique and powerful integration and correction procedures to remove specific psychological defences.

Learn about Cheirology and how the traits of your hand can be used to help you understand yourself better and guide you through difficult times.

A great way to start the journey through the Blueprint Series of workshops aimed at developing your personal awareness and self reliance.


[Duration: 4 days]

The development of Kinesiology has evolved in such a way as to include many awareness and tools that allow for more accurate applications of the processes in Kinesiology. One of these discoveries is the use of Finger Modes….

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These Modes are a language used by the subconscious to represent the functions that the body uses. We can use this language to identify where the subconscious is getting stuck and is attempting to show us the nature of the problem.

This workshop is about expanding our knowledge and understanding of the underlying mechanisms that make the modes such an important adjunct to Kinesiology.

This workshop is an opportunity to discover the different types of modes, the different contexts they can be used in and the specific area the modes are accessing in our neurology.

Following is a short list of the different subjects covered in the workshop:

How Modes work
Different Types of Modes
Genetic vs Belief System Modes
Modes as Contexts
Primary Modes
Utility Modes
Screening Modes
Specific defusion options


[Duration: 3 hours]

This workshop teaches basic muscle testing. Learn to identify foods and substances to which you have sensitivities. Check your favourite cosmetics and clothes to discover if they are right for you.


[Duration: 2 days]

The aims and purposes of this workshop are to give the student tools to free up and realign the bones of the feet; to give a solid foundation for the rest of the body to stand on; to have the ability to identify and correct the suppressions thus released, ultimately leading to better health, posture and well being….

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The feet are a marvel of engineering efficiency that can take a lifetime of use but they are often overlooked. Poor fitting shoes, ankle and foot injuries can limit the ability of the feet to function as they should. Even though there may not be any pain in the feet there can still be subluxations that will disrupt the neurological information going to the brain and hence the smooth coordination of the rest of the body.

The feet are the foundation for the rest of the body and it is important that they are aligned correctly to give adequate support for the rest of the structure. If the foundations are crooked or misaligned how can the rest of the structure be truly stable?

The feet have proprioceptors (position and pressure receptors) that send information about the feet to the brain so that the brain knows what is happening to the feet. When you take a step that information is used to help coordinate not only the gait mechanism but general balance as well. If the feet are not functioning properly the information going to the brain can become confused and, because the brain does not have the correct neurological information it cannot coordinate the rest of the body efficiently, leading to aches and pains in other joints, shoulders, back, neck, headaches etc.

Problems such as aching feet, burning feet, bunions, flat feet, claw and hammer toes, sprains, foot, leg, hip, back, neck pain, sciatica, shin splints, headaches and osteoarthritis can all be helped by this technique.

Covered in this workshop:

  • Bones of the feet
  • Accident Recall
  • “Superman” Test
  • Suppression
  • Foot Mobilisation Procedure
  • Sacral reset
  • Post Mobilisation Exercises
    plus more

[Duration: 4 days]

This is a workshop developed by demand from students who wanted to understand the physical defence patterns of their clients. It deals specifically with the techniques needed to remove the neurological patterns of muscular defence that cover so many other reaction and stress responses….

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Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Allergies to air
  • Atlas stability and its relation to nerve supply
  • Emotional Hamstrings
  • Hidden Spinal Imbalances
  • K27s and their role in atlas stability
  • Cranial and Sacral imbalances
  • Anterior Atlas uses
  • The practical application of the UHM to physical defence
  • Primitive Neurological Reflexes
  • Cranial Reflex Complex
  • Immune and Auto Immune System
  • General and Specific Lymphatic Drainage
  • Accident Recall
  • Sciatica

[Duration: 2 days]

An introduction to the Universal Healing Model. ‘Healing Principles’ teaches you the context of healing within the biggest picture and gives you an enormous amount of information on how to discover the correct context to work within….

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You will understand the difference between healing in its appropriate context and suppression. The Universal Healing Model enables you to combine all healing modalities within a Kinesiology framework.

Learn the difference between a Healing Crisis and aggravation. Know when to balance a Healing Crisis and when not to.

Learn how to test for Available/Unavailable Energy for healing and recuperation. The workshop provides an excellent reference that outlines the theory behind all the techniques we use in Kinesiology.

Learn how to incorporate all other information you have such as Naturopathy, Herbal, Homeopathy, other body work and Acupuncture.

  • Laws of Healing
  • Hering’s Law of Cure
  • The Process of Re/Degeneration
  • Healing Crises
  • Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 Testing
  • Time References
  • Suppression
  • Elements of Mankind
  • Accident Recall

[Duration: 7 hours]

Your pets have special needs too. Muscle testing allows you to understand their behaviour, dietary and environmental needs. A workshop of interesting concepts and information that covers homeopathic and other vibrational remedies, massage and acupressure point stimulation, understanding behavioural problems and a protocol to find the best solutions to your pet’s imbalance.


[Duration: 3½ hours]

This workshop is designed to give parents and other interested individuals an introduction to the basic theory and practice of Homeopathy relating to the first aid treatment of acute conditions and injuries….

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Colds and flu, falls, blows, wounds, abrasions, burns, sprains, strains, shock and trauma are just some of the many things that can be effectively treated with the use of homeopathic remedies. In this workshop you will learn how and when to treat these ailments safely and with often-faster results than conventional treatment.

Topics covered:

  • What is Homeopathy?
  • Application and prescribing techniques
  • Safe and simple home remedies
  • First Aid treatment
  • Minor cold and flu treatment
  • Surgical operations

[Duration: 4 days]

This workshop from Educating Alternatives builds on the information from the Beginning of Understanding Kinesiology and Healing Principles in a very congruent and empowering way. Innate Intelligence includes not just Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 testing but also the hierarchy of muscles, simultaneous testing, new information on circuits, gaits, reflexes versus circuits, contingent testing and stress responses….

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The correction options and techniques covered within the four days are:

  • Nine Intelligences
  • Understanding the Hierarchy of muscles
  • Spindle Cell/Golgi Tendon Integration
  • Stress receptors of the head
  • Hand receptors
  • Reactives/Reactor Circuits
  • Acupoints for the Laws of Cure
  • New Neurovascular Points
  • Hypertonics
  • Nine Phases of Testing

Some of the information you may feel that you have covered in other workshops. However with new research, you will find this to be a new way of associating intelligence with the process of muscle monitoring. The information and techniques will give a deeper understanding of functional muscle monitoring in a solution oriented way.


[Duration: 4 days]

Including assessment of all SOK workshops. To do this we will need to learn some new information and most importantly, apply the procedure in an every day need context. Learning how to apply these techniques and concepts is crucial to a strong basis for the use of any Kinesiology practice.

Assessments will be included in the workshop….

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Applications will include dealing with:

  • Dichotomy
  • Integration Techniques
  • Expanded Elemental Support References
  • New references for meridians
  • Emotional Acupoints
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Cranial Corrections

As well as approaches for dealing with the most influential contexts such as:

  • Relationship Consequences
  • Unfinished Business
  • Assumptions
  • Acquired Behaviours
  • Influence
  • Heuristics

[Duration: 3 hours]

An opportunity to learn to use muscle testing to identify your child’s stress around school, learning, homework, food and more. The manual shows simple balancing techniques for children and a parent’s section giving more information.


[Duration: 3 hours]

A workshop that shares the author’s natural vision improvement methods. Kinesiology identifies the emotional, nutritional and physical elements of your individual needs for vision improvement.


Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning Soul Energy or Universal Life Energy, the energy which is all around us.

Reiki, when activated and applied for purposes of healing addresses body, mind and spirit. Reiki accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal physical ailments and opens the mind and spirit to the causes of disease, disharmony and pain so healing on all levels takes place….

Reiki includes healing techniques and self-awareness, development, growth and a means of living in harmony and happiness. It does not require a belief system work. A Reiki treatment is a light, hands on process in which a Reiki practitioner channels universal life force (soul energy) to the recipient.

A Reiki treatment is safe, non-intrusive and non-manipulative. There are no substances applied to the body and the recipient of a Reiki treatment remains fully clothed. During a full Reiki treatment the practitioner directs healing energy to different areas of the body from the head to the feet. While focus is given to the body’s major organs, every cell of the body will benefit. In addition to the formal body positions, Reiki can be, applied to any part of the body that has been injured or diseased.

Reiki attunements for Reiki Level One, Two and Master are available.


[Duration: 3 hours]

This workshop introduces the lay-person to simple techniques they can use to manage their own stress and to help their family and friends. It covers such topics as: Why and how we get stress, Emotional Stress Release (ESR) techniques, Basic muscle testing, Other stress management factors: breathing, exercise, nutrition and food supplements.


The Tibetan Energy and Vitality workshop introduces the lay-person to Tibetan techniques for boosting their energy levels and sense of vitality. The workshop and manual cover the following energy systems: Figure-8 energy flow, the healing power of Chakra Sound Balancing, Spiral energy flow above the head and The Spinning Vortices. The manual also includes nutrition and food supplement information.


Touch For Health Kinesiology is a system of natural health care which combines muscle monitoring with the principles of Chinese medicine to assess energy and body function, applying a range of gentle, yet powerful healing techniques to improve health, wellbeing and vitality….

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TFH Kinesiology addresses the structural, nutritional and emotional stresses common in our everyday life.

The synthesis of Touch For Health techniques involves skills researched from modern chiropractic, naturopathy, osteopathy and ancient Chinese acupuncture.

Touch For Health uses the muscles as a bio-feedback mechanism. This becomes a greater tool that works at the connection between mind and body, using the

electromagnetic energy system called meridians, which are the interface between the physical and subtle energy bodies.

Raising energy then through the acupuncture meridian system allows the person to feel positive health benefits, encouraging the natural processes of the body to enhance health and vitality.

The practical use of Touch For Health Kinesiology allows one to access the any different energy systems that are in our bodies, and specific muscles that are related to them. Balancing these systems help us to maintain equilibrium and harmony within the body on many different levels.


TFH STAGE 1 [15 hours]

This is the introductory training to TFH Kinesiology providing techniques to balance the 14 muscle/ meridian/organ matrix – for improved postural balance and improved health and performance. This course provides practical everyday applications of Touch For Health Kinesiology for increased wellbeing on all levels.

TFH STAGE 2 [15 hours]

Delves more deeply into balancing the energetic matrix, using the ancient Chinese Law of The Five Elements.

TFH STAGE 3 [15 hours]

This stage focuses on how to implement the Touch For Health 42 muscles for complete 5-Element integration balancing and Reactive Muscle Reset Techniques.

TFH STAGE 4 [15 hours]

This stage completes the program, bringing all aspects together as a total holistic health care modality…..

TFH One Content


  • 14 Meridian Indicator Muscles
  • Brain Integration Techniques
  • Neurolymphatics
  • Emotional Stress Release
  • Neurovasculars
  • Positive Food Testing
  • Acupuncture Meridians
  • Postural Balancing
  • Origin / Insertion
  • Vision Balancing
  • Spinal Reflexes
  • Auricular Exercise
    Specific Goal Balancing
    General Pain Relief Techniques

TFH 2 Content


  • 14 Associated Muscles
  • Meridian Massage
  • Spindle Cell & Golgi Tendon
  • Balancing the Body Clock
  • Acupressure Holding Points
  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Cerebro-Spinal Technique
  • 5-Element Emotion Relationships
  • Yin / Yang Concept
  • Organ Response Points
  • Law of 5 Elements Balancing
  • Acute Pain Relief Techniques

TFH 3 Content


  • Concluding 14 Associated Muscles
  • Colour Balance
  • Facilitation and Inhibition
  • Past Balancing for Trauma
  • 42 Muscle Balancing
  • Gait Corrections
  • Reactive Muscle Reset Technique
  • Nutritional Corrections
  • Advanced Formatting Procedures
  • Chronic Pain Relief Techniques

TFH 4 Content


  • 42 Muscles Standing
  • Time-of-Day Balance
  • Postural Analysis & Stress Release
  • Sound Balance
  • Neurolymphatic Release
  • Tibetan Figure-8 Corrections
  • Neurovascular Cycle
  • Specific Balancing Options

[Duration: 15 hours]

This 15 hour workshop is an opportunity to revise the TFH synthesis and to go over any TFH material that you may not be totally clear on.

A 60 multiple choice question and practical assessment is included.

This assessment gives you 60 accredited hours with the Australian Kinesiology Association for Touch For Health 1 – 4 plus the 15 hours for the workshop.

The TFH Workbook (optional for this workshop but recommended) and the TFH Proficiency workshop are prerequisites for attending Touch For Health Instructor Training.


[Duration: 3 days]

Not only for women, this workshop gives Practitioners the options to help women to help themselves with their own unique functions.

Based on years of clinical application and research, it is filled with corrections and insights into women’s needs, relationship stress and the emotional contexts that influence how women and men respond to each other, physically as well as emotionally….

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We will look at women’s conditions: the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and lactation, retro-uterus, menopause, as well as herbal and homeopathic support. This workshop gives clarity to the functions and dysfunctions that may confront women today.

This workshop includes:

  • The Five Pointed Star
  • Hypo-adrenia
  • Hypo-glycemia
  • Hormonal Barometer
  • Hormonal Cycles
  • Pre Menstrual Tension
  • Two Pointing
  • Glandular Reflex Chart
  • Menopause
  • General and Specific Lymphatic Drainage
  • Reactive Meridians
  • Glandular Imbalances