Imagine living a life of wellness, vitality and freedom.  You can!

 Hello, I’m Anna, I’m a Homeopath and Kinesiologist.

Our health and wellness centre is located in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.  I’m passionate about helping you move past your health blocks to gain happiness, health and feel empowered in your mind and body once again.  I’d love to assist you on your health and wellness journey!

Optimal Health & Wellness is a leading health & wellness centre on the Sunshine Coast.  Our holistic therapies include Kinesiology, Homeopathy & Nutrition.




Conditions we can help you with

• Colds & Flu

• Children’s Health

Weight Loss

• Headaches

• Foot Issues

• Adrenal Fatigue

• Digestive Disorders

• Menopause

• Allergies

• Back Pain

• Anxiety & Stress

• Thyroid Issues

• Homeopathic Detox

• Infertility

• Depression

“Anna Morningstar has been treating myself and my three daughters for the past three years. We feel so much gratitude that we’ve discovered Anna who has treated us all through some difficult physical and challenging mental ailments. She’s now my first port of call when needing wellbeing alignment for myself or my daughters. I urge you to book a treatment with her.”

Kate, Brisbane, Queensland

“I went to Optimal Health to improve my mental and emotional state.  Since going there, Peter and Anna Morningstar have significantly changed my life and improved my health and wellbeing. Due to severe anxiety, I struggled to function normally in my everyday life however through their care, understanding and knowledge, they identified and balanced the body’s stress which led to positive outcomes and quality of life.  My family and I have always experienced great results with Anna and Peter and I highly recommend their service to help the body function at its optimal.”

Sonia, Queensland

Free Guide


In our busy lives, with our long to do lists, family and work commitments and not to mention our rapidly changing world, anxiety and panic attacks are at an all time high! 

For example, symptoms such as panic, fear, worry, avoidance and anxiety are symptoms that we can encounter.  But there is help at hand in the form of Homeopathy, a proven alternative treatment option for anxiety related panic attacks.

We’ve created a guide that outlines some of the wonderful homeopathic remedies that can support and assist in times of anxiety and panic.  And if you need further support you can contact our Wellness Centre to book a session HERE.


Educate & Empower

Why is Kinesiology so effective?

Why is Kinesiology so effective?

There are so many different health modalities around now, as an example I’ll list some. Many of you would have gone to see one or more of these practitioners – a Naturopath, Iridologist, EFT Practitioner, Reflexologist, Homeopath, Kinesiologist, NLP Therapist,...

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