Property & Business Energetic Clearings

We all know that feeling of walking into a property or a business premises and suddenly feeling heavy, drained and tired.

This even may be occurring in your own home.

Unexplainable tiredness, feeling drained, negative and weary.

That sense that things are not quite right.

So, what are you actually feeling or experiencing?

The short answer…everything that occurs in a house or property leaves an energetic imprint behind.

Fear, trauma, anger, depression, and any other negative emotion can leave an imprint in the area.

Land and property could have been affected by violence, deaths, suicide, and trauma, from many years ago, that you may not be aware of. Even newly built dwellings can hold detrimental energy from past conflicts, violence or flights.

Any negative energetic “residue” can be detrimental to those who occupy the property.

However, the good news is that buildings/land/properties can be cleared of these detrimental energetic residues to bring your property/home/business back into peace and harmony.

Possible signs of detrimental energy in your property

  • Changes in your health and wellbeing

  • House that just does not feel right

  • Tired and weary

  • Unmotivated and scattered

  • Having trouble selling your property

  • Anxiety, depression for no reason

  • Children who are fearful for no reason

  • Children who sense other energies

Benefits of clearing your property

  • Feeling more calm in your home/business

  • Feeling revitalized

  • More energy and enthusiasm

  • Increased in focus

  • Increased in creativity

  • Feeling in balance and flow

Our clearing services are performed remotely, this way can provide this service to clients living throughout Australia and overseas, including the USA, UK, Europe, New Zealand and Canada.

All you need to do is share your address, property plan and the names of the people who occupy the property/business.

“Change your energy…change your life”