When I became a mother more than 40 years ago, there was no Google or mobile phones to look up symptoms or get advice when my toddlers were sick.

I can recall the stress of either coping with what was happening the best way I knew or rush off to the doctor to only be told that my child had some sort of virus and to give her Panadol (and wait and see)!

The convenience of today is that you can Google symptoms on the internet, however your options are very similar to what I had those many years ago.

Fed up with this cycle of feeling powerless when my children got sick (and my youngest got sick quite frequently with high fevers, tonsillitis, and cystitis from the age of 6 months) I was referred to a homeopath who advised me on our diet and prescribed some wonderful homeopathic remedies for her and got her well.

With that knowledge on my side, I felt empowered to have my very own homeopathic first aid kit at home and when my girls got sick, I was able to give them the indicated homeopathic remedy and get them well. I became confident in my prescribing and eventually this led me to become a homeopath myself.

I am honoured to be able to support my clients with their young children and teach them how to prescribe for themselves so that they can feel empowered in their motherhood.

On this subject, I recently chatted all about how homeopathy can assist when your child is sick with the lovely Natalie Gauchi on her Living our Best Life Podcast.

To listen to the full episode CLICK HERE.